There are many football fans all over the world, but it is not surprising because it is the most popular sport in the world. Just look at how many people gather in stadiums and in front of TV sets. This can be seen in particular at the biggest events such as the world championships or the European championships. No wonder that there are many lovers of collecting football gadgets and accessories, and we will tell you about those that you must have.


A scarf is the basis of every fan of a given team. There is no denying that this is a gadget that is mandatory for a fan attending the stadium. They are of various designs and it is often one of the most important attributes of a fan. Suffice it to say that in supporter subcultures, the loss of a scarf is associated with something serious, which can be compared to the loss of honor. A true fan knows that a scarf cannot be given to just anyone and it is quite a respectable gadget.


There’s nothing like a good team jersey. The FC Barcelona shirt is a must-have gadget for every “Blaugrana” fan, because it will look great at the stadium and you can wear it every day. There is nothing extraordinary about it, because it can be worn to play football or other sports, but it can also be an ordinary gadget that will have a purely collector’s value and will lie in the wardrobe. It is worth saying that there are also people who make money from football shirts, because a well-maintained Liverpool shirt will always have a certain value. Such a gadget in the form of a club t-shirt can be the perfect gift for an important holiday, so it’s worth remembering. Sure, keeping your T-shirt in good condition isn’t easy, but it’s totally possible.

Other gadgets

T-shirt and scarf are the most famous gadgets. This is quite obvious as they are always exposed first. However, you must not forget that there are also products such as goalkeeper gloves that can be obtained from the goalkeeper of your favorite team or even plugs. These are more personal things, so their financial value goes up significantly, although sentiment towards them also increases. There are also other gadgets that are much cheaper, which means that everyone can buy them like stickers, pins or pennants. This is a really big plus and it is worth taking into account, although there are also people who buy practically everything related to a given club.


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